Hatha Yoga with Una at Finn Valley Centre

Una Harte has been practicing and teaching Hatha Yoga since 2006 and is highly regarded for her approach in the classes which she runs in various venues. She completed level 1 Diploma in Yoga Teaching in 2009 which covered asana, pranayama anatomy philosophy, relaxation and meditation techniques. In 2011 she completed level 2 which involved studying in more depth the subjects of Anatomy, deep relaxation, more teaching skills and cleansing practice. Una completed a diploma in Yoga for Children in association with Yogabuddies in 2009 and yoga for sport e.g. suitable for runners, cyclists, golf etc. In 2015 she recently gained a qualification in yoga for pregnancy. Training took place at the Yoga Therapy & Training Centre in Dublin.

Una runs three classes at Finn Valley Centre; Wednesday’s & Friday’s at 10.30am and Tuesday evenings at 7pm. Check out the benefits of Hatha Yoga below or contact Una on 087/2285620

Hatha Yoga has been shown to bring both physical and mental benefits to the body and mind.

Physical Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Improves breathing

Corrects posture

Increases blood circulation

Improves flexibility in muscle and joints

Strengthens, tones, and build’s muscle

Eases back pain and strengthens the spine

Improves muscular and skeletal conditions e.g. bad knees, tight shoulder, scoliosis

Improves balance

Decreases cholesterol and blood sugar level and is good for weight loss.

Mental Benefits of Hatha Yoga

Increases body awareness

Reduces stress

Relaxes the mind and body

Yoga Benefits as an Exercise

Yoga is different from other forms of exercise as it generates motion without causing strain and imbalance to the body.

Yoga also provides the mean’s for people of all ages, male and female not only to get in shape but to develop, coordination and balance.

It can heal the body as well as stretch and tone the muscles and strengthen joints.

It also directs blood and oxygen to the internal organs.

Yoga has benefits for all ages

A regular practice can help young people keep their flexibility for year’s

In older people regular practice helps with circulation, Arthritis, and mobility.

Yoga and Pregnancy: Yoga can help to make labour easier and shorter as well as helping with backache associated with labour and pregnancy in general. It also allows the mother time for meditation allowing quiet time for mother and baby.

Yoga Benefits and Sport

Yoga postures are the ideal complement to other forms of exercises e.g. running, strength training, cycling, walking, swimming and golf.

As all the yoga postures systematically work all the major muscle groups whatever sport you do, yoga will help check any imbalance and enable both body and mind to function better. If the body is flexible and supple it will be less prone to injury and it also keeps the joints lubricated.

So whatever age you are, yoga can enhance your lifestyle