Katriona McNamee School of Dance specialising in Contemporary, Hip Hop and Ballet



Katriona McNamee School of Dance

KMN School of Dance offers a range of different dance styles for four to sixteen year olds including Contemporary, Ballet and Hip Hop.

Contemporary: (nine to sixteen years only)

Katriona’s Contemporary dance class offers children a chance to learn a dance technique and dance sequences while at the same time having plenty of fun. All classes begin with technique exercises improving on strength, flexibility, musicality and overall performance skills. This class also gives children a chance to explore how their own body can move and to create their own work, through the use of contact improvisation and different choreographic methods. In return this also helps to improve on self confidence and build new social skills.

Ballet: (four to nine years)

 The children will learn a beginners Ballet technique, focusing on discipline, posture, strength and flexibility. Ballet is an all rounder, which helps to strengthen the entire body without realising it. The Children learn different technique sequences which help to improve and strengthen their arms, legs, footwork, balance and most importantly their posture.

Hip Hop: (four to sixteen years)

Hip Hop is a fun filled class that includes energetic warm-ups and dance routines that are sure to keep your children moving and grooving while exercising at the same time. As exercise is essential for children’s health, Hip Hop is a great way of encouraging a fit and healthy lifestyle without even realising you are exercising. I also try to encourage different team activities, such as working together to practice the dance routine to develop social skills.

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