Knitting & Crochet

Hat and Scarf created at Sally’s Knitting & Crochet class

Knitting & Crochet

Group member Tina taking part in Sally’s class


Crochet Jacket created by class participant


Crochet work completed in Sally’s class


Beautiful pieces created in Sally’s class

Angel Boxes

Angel Boxes

Knitting & Crochet

Pieces created by participants and displayed at a local event

Knitting & Crochet

Group member working on another creation

Knitting & Crochet

Sally Mc Menamin, Knitting & Crochet group leader exhibiting some of the fantastic pieces made by group members

Sally’s Knitting & Crochet Group

Suitable for beginners to advanced in knitting and crochet. Be part of a group and get one to one supervision and help in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Participants learn at their own pace while completing their own personal projects.

Participants will learn the basics and then they can decide on their own projects that they bring to the group and complete with the help of the tutor and other participants

The group has been running for five years. Each class lasts for 2 hours and members come and go in their own time. Over the period of the group members have created many beautiful pieces, hat’s, scarves, shawls, ponchos, cushions, children’s clothes and intricate lace pieces and Christmas Decorations. As a group the members also created garments for Angel Boxes which are given to parents of babies who were stillborn and these were presented to Laura McCready who was collecting them for the Neo-natal units in various hospitals.

The group is open to both men and women and they meet in the Finn Valley Centre every Friday morning from 10.30am-12.30pm

All styles and levels catered for and the class also gives participants the opportunity to ask questions about the various knitting styles, particularly in Aran work.

Contact Sally on 087/6120226

What can you learn in this class?

Basic Stitches

Selection of pieces made by a member of the group

Cast on and off stitches in crochet and knitting

Garment Shaping

Button holes

Plain/purl and stitches in knitting

Double and treble crochet stitches, post stitch in crochet

Finding a suitable pattern for your level and how to use it as well as lists of useful websites for knitting and crochet.

Handout of beginner crochet stitches.

Advanced Stitches

Aran, moss, diamond and cable stitches in knitting

Baby jacket in the Donegal colours

Baby jacket in the Donegal colours

Lace work, Garments in crochet

Reading patterns

4 Needle work e.g. Knitting socks

Using a circular needle

Testimonials from class participants

“What I enjoy about the crochet classes is learning a new skill, having new projects each week to have a go at, chatting with the ladies who attend & having a laugh at some of our disasters”. Avril Salter

 “When I joined the group I had very little knowledge of crocheting but as Sally says “It is so easy” and so it is when she explains it. I look forward to going every week as there is such ‘craic’ with the group”. Voy Rodgers

Knitting & Crochet

Group members working on their own bespoke pieces

 “I had just been knitting for less than a year when I joined Sally’s knitting class. Until then, I had only knitted basic hats and scarfs for family only but with Sally’s help, expertise, encouragement and patience I gained the confidence to take the next step, learning to read patterns! After that, I soon found myself knitting blankets, cardigans and booties and I haven’t stopped since! I’ve been counting down the weeks till the classes start again to catch up with group and see what projects Sally has in store for us to complete this year”. Tina O’Loughlin

 “I really enjoy the knitting classes run by Sally, learning new techniques, learning to read patterns and giving me the confidence to try new projects. I’m looking forward to getting back in September to catch up with the group again and meet some new faces”. Helen O Loughlin